Welcome to gDesklets.info !

This is the preliminary start site for gDesklets.info.
Right now there is only the unofficial gDesklets Desklet Archive (which could formerly be found at http://gdesklets.zencomputer.ca before it went down).
More content will come soon(er or later) ... ;).

The Archive's main page:
The unofficial gDesklets Desklet Archive (please use the new address http://archive.gdesklets.info)

Online Docs:
gDesklets' "what's new" pages

Further download pages:
gDesklets source packages
gDesklets develbooks

If you want to learn more about gDesklets please visit the official homepage (www.gdesklets.de - offline).

If you want to actively support gDesklets, report a bug or simply ask a question about gDesklets please visit gDesklets on launchpad (https://launchpad.net/gdesklets).

If you have any questions, remarks etc. about this site please feel free to contact me via eMail with the address give on the Archive's main page (use link above).

And last but not least: you can always try to catch someone in the official IRC channel: irc://irc.gnome.org#gdesklets.

Greetings, H.Humpel ;)